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We are a Not-For-Profit organization that operates both globally and locally. We perform scientific studies and evaluations. We promote and communicate results and experiences through our Pan-Access publication, InfectionControl.tips (ISSN 2369-7342)

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Comprehensive Study of Disposable Stethoscope Covers
Antimicrobial Evaluation
Critical Evaluation of a Novel Antimicrobial Surface Protectant
Evaluation of Foaming Hand Soap Efficacy
Evaluation of a Novel Non-Sterile Glove Dispensing System
Glove Contamination
State of Clean 2016
State of Clean 2016
Real-World RTU Disinfection Study

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We are a Not-for-profit organization that conducts independent evaluations, efficacy and sterility studies. We run the Open Access Journal InfectionControl.tips. Why wait years for your paper to be published. We produce top tier results utilizing the SAME protocols within weeks to months.
Open Access Publication

Global Publication: InfectionControl.tips

Join. Contribute. Make a Difference. www.InfectionControl.tips ISSN 2369-7342 The Infection Prevention Strategy operates the Pan-Access Publication www.InfectionControl.tips, a global health website that publishes research, information and perspective articles about infectious disease …


Commercial, Industrial, and Academic Scientific Research

We should not have to wait years for promising technology, ideas and processes to be implemented and accepted. We execute technical, validated scientific research in commercial, industrial and academic fields, …


Promote the Science of Infectious Disease, its Prevention, Knowledge & Practice

We promote the science of infectious disease, its prevention and control and the knowledge and practice thereof. Click here to work with us! With involvement from over 37 countries, and …


Conferences, Meetings, Workshops, Programs and Exhibitions

We communicate by conducting conferences, meetings, workshops, community programs and exhibitions for the discussion of infectious disease problems and the exchange of views thereon. One of our four mandates is …

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Innovation Partners

Our Innovation Partners

Our team can help take your idea, innovation and/or process to market by establishing scientific evidence, prototyping and full turn key product development. INNOVATION PARTNERS www.cremco.ca CANADA: Our Canadian Innovation partner CREM Co …

Advisory Board

Advisory Board Announced

Our Advisory Board spans 6 nations, 4 continents and has a mandate of gender parity.  Join. Contribute. Make A Difference. Apply to the board Darrell Hicks Dr. Judy Stone Adejoke Ogungbire …

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