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InfectionControl.tipsThe Infection Prevention Strategy operates the Pan-Access Publication, a global health website that publishes research, information and perspective articles about infectious disease prevention and control.

Click here to view the Advisory Board does not accept advertising or influence.  The articles and contributions on the site are from volunteers, edited for accuracy and free of influence from special interest.  We do not pay our authors.

The Pan-Access journal  is a global collective of experts and non-experts creating a discussion about infection control and prevention: a truly inclusive and open access collective.

ISSN 2369-7342

Current Scope

The current scope of is to publish high quality, peer-reviewed research articles and perspective pieces that are focused on the topics of infection control and prevention.

Road Map
Road Map

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There can be many barriers to publishing, ranging from the cost of publishing and the lack of resources to perform meaningful studies, to the inability to access the majority of published material available to support your own conclusions. With our Pan-Access publication process, we remove all of these barriers. does NOT require publication fees or access fees. All users will have access to the entire database of articles at all times.  Every article that is submitted goes through our comprehensive review process by top scientists and editors and, once approved by the editor and authors, is published online. It can be that simple.

Pan-Access is only one step to eliminating barriers.  At, we have also created The Incubator. The Incubator is a platform where you will be able to connect with like-minded individuals and experts to collaborate and publish articles, without the need to attend expensive international conferences.

There is a void in the academic world, and that is the absence of the observations, opinions and insights of front line workers and caregivers who have to deal with infectious diseases on a regular basis. At, we are filling that void. Sharing information is our key objective, because we truly believe that real change will come from collaboration, cooperation and pure community effort.

The Publication Process

  1. Pick a topic. Think about what you care the most about. Patients, health care workers, policy leaders, and the general public all have unique experiences with infectious diseases.
  1. Gather the information. This can be in the form of performing experiments, gathering patient surveys, reporting on a news item or current event, or reflecting upon your own experiences.
  1. Write an article. Either alone, or with a team, write an article. Writing is a process, and can require lots of input from others to make it better. Remember to include sources and citations for facts and figures and to credit other authors and researchers where appropriate.
  1. Submit your article to
    (email to:
  1. Choose your editing route. An editor will review your article, and if you have chosen to have it peer-reviewed, it will be sent to our skilled team of reviewers to ensure that your study, and the way you’ve written it, is of the best possible quality. If you have chosen to write a perspective article, your article will be sent to a coeditor for editing.
  1. Accept edits. The article will be returned to you so that you can either respond to the reviewers and coeditors, or make the changes they have recommended.
  1. Resubmit the latest version of your edited article.
  1. Wait for your article to be published, and don’t pay anything to get it done! The editors will perform one final evaluation of the article, and once they feel it is ready, it will be sent to the publisher.

We are Pan-Access: Free to Publish. Free to Access. Accessible Scientific Services.

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