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PURE Hard Surface Disinfectant

 PURE Hard Surface
Innovation: PURE Hard Surface by Intercon Chemicals

What we did

Study Design, Method Development, Study Execution, Authored Paper, Peer Reviewed and Published

PURE Paper Effective Reduction of Bacteria from Surfaces Using Bleach and Silver Dihydrogen Citrate Solutions

The cleaning of hospital surfaces relies on effective chemicals to reduce the presence of pathogens. However, long-term exposure to these chemicals has been shown to have adverse effects on healthcare workers. In this study, the effectiveness of traditional hospital disinfectants was evaluated against novel, non-caustic disinfectants.  Our team developed the methods, conducted the study, authored the paper, submitted for peer review and published the findings all within 3 months.


Other notable achievements that TIPS accomplished for this innovation include:

Representation at Conferences
TIPS presented PURE Hard Surface Disinfectant at ISSA, APIC, HITS, CAEM, Health Achieve and the 2017 Cleaning Innovation EXPO

Showcase Events
TIPS conducted 3 Showcase events in the USA presenting our science and the importance of utilizing "Responsible Chemistry" such as PURE Hard Surface Disinfectant.

Using Chemical Microbicides to Interrupt the Environmental Spread of Pathogens
Keynote presented by TIPS: Environmental spread of dangerous pathogens is becoming more prevalent as international travel gets easier. Chemical microbicides are a useful tool to curb the spread of infectious diseases, but their efficacy is not often uniformly reported. This makes comparison of different disinfectants much more difficult and time consuming for purchasers of these products. At the March 30, 2017 showcase at our Center of Excellence for Infection Prevention and Control in Buffalo NY, Dr. Syed Sattar discussed the issues surrounding chemical microbicides, and the results of his efforts to improve consistency in testing and reporting of their effectiveness. 

TIPS established distribution for PURE Hard Surface

Real World Engagement (Pilots, Trials)
TIPS established and conducted pilots, trials, meetings and Focus Groups for PURE

Key Opinion Leader Engagement
Our team engage Key Opinion Leaders in the field of infectious disease, food production, food service and facility design including clinicians, nurses, doctors, patient advocacy groups, clinical research and infectious disease experts.

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