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TIPS can help you to establish distribution in the USA and Canada.  Our team is connected directly to large and medium-sized partners who service all of North America.  Many of our own Success Stories , all of which have received Top Innovation of the Year awards from our journal, are  distributed through our partner network.

We are Ready. Set. Go! to help you with:

  • Toll manufacturing
  • Private labeling
  • Product showcasing
  • Regional and national distribution
  • Formulation testing
  • Pilot studies
  • Trials
  • Educational support


Our main distribution partners are:

Intercon Chemical Company Intercon serves Distributors, OEMs and their customers in the cleaning, sanitary maintenance, industrial, foodservice, laundry, warewashing, medical and healthcare, food plant, bottling, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.
MCL MCL partners with their Clients and Vendor Community to achieve breakthrough performance through the development of sustainable cleaning solutions.  They strive to provide quality and innovative products, value-added services, and systems that contribute toward a better community through effective communication, education, and training.


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