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Peer Review

We operate the open access journal ( A Pan-Access, worldwide collective that extends globally and touches locally. We are a 100% volunteer-based organization. We do not accept advertising or influence.  The articles and contributions on our journal are from volunteers, edited for accuracy and free of influence from special interest.  We do not pay our authors. Our ISSN is 2369-7342.

Our journal utilizes all the same depositories as other journals (ResearchGate, Google Scholar). However, unlike other journals the platform is consistently marketed to over 500 groups in social media.   We are the worlds largest global health platform for infection prevention and control.

Publication on

After following our Authorship Guidelines simply submit your article to our editor to identify any editorial issues. We will then send the the paper to a primary peer-reviewer who is an expert (and typically a researcher) in the field. The peer-reviewer will evaluate the article to ensure that all information presented is evidence-based, relevant to our journal guidelines, and not plagiarized. At this point, the reviewer may suggest edits, or even reject the publication if it is not scientifically sound. The article will then be sent back to the author for revisions. We encourage all authors to resubmit with the proposed changes. The author’s resubmission is then reviewed by a secondary peer-reviewer, and then potentially published. Please note that due to our commitment to only presenting high quality information, many submissions are rejected. However, our editors try their best to work with authors to rework their articles into a high quality resource.

After the review, the article is published on Due to our extensive network, we also will publish the article to specific interest groups to ensure that the target audience is being reached.


Unlike almost all peer-reviewed publications, provides all of these services without charge. Based on our principle of creating a truly “Pan Access” resource, we strive to eliminate all barriers to planning, conducting, and publishing scientific resources to improve our global health.

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